Phat Stax

When I was approached by sandwich connoisseur, Erik, lover of the perfect sandwich, I knew creating something unconventional was a must. By marrying two distinct colours with fun illustrations and witty copy, a surprising brand identity was born. Utilising the theme of ‘Fat Sandwiches’, I was able to create some interesting illustrations that enforce the light-hearted, quirky nature of Erik himself.

Phat Stax

Logo Design, Sticker Design, Coaster Design, Beer Cooler Design, T-Shirt Design, Pin Design, Illustration 

Graphic Design Branding Design
Anyone who loves a sandwich loves a beer.
With this in mind, most of the brand merchandise
has been targeted around necessary items.
Graphic Design Shirt Design
Graphic Design Beer Coaster Design
Graphic Design Branding Design
Practicing the forbidden, we wander,
in seek of an ally with whom we can conjure greatness.
Let us be your Ally.

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