The Oswald's Wedding

A wedding is one of the biggest events you will enjoy in your life, and piecing together the perfect invitation set can be quite the task. When the soon-to-be Oswald’s enquired in helping them with their invitations, I was more than excited. Interested in highlighting the map of the local area, I worked closely with them in creating an invitation that was not only visually pleasing, but practical.

The Oswald's Wedding

Logo Design, Illustration, Invite Design 

With small, elegant details such as the letterpress
and wax seal stamp, the entirety of the invitation set was
elevated into a new tier of class and sophistication.
Graphic Design Logo Design
Graphic Design Wedding invite Design
Graphic Design Illustration Design
Practicing the forbidden, we wander,
in seek of an ally with whom we can conjure greatness.
Let us be your Ally.

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